Monday, March 29, 2010


As you can currently see, the look of my blog is very minimalist...because I'm getting a new beautifully designed blog from Sweet Cheeky Designs. Traci does a beautiful job and I've seen a little sneak peek of what she's working on and I love it!

What else is going on....hmmm.

Riley was a tired munchkin today when I picked her up from Memaw Becky's house...she apparently ran circles in the backyard all day long. She was ready for bed at 7, which is just unheard of, she was still in the bath! I barely got her diapered and pajama-ed before she was telling me "good night night" and trying to climb into her crib.

Work is good.

Tomorrow is a wogging day. It's supposed to be 90. Where is our spring????

I had the best intentions of doing Easter cards and it just doesn't look like it's going to happen. I order through WHCC and they are fast, so I could get them here in time, I'm just not sure I have the energy to edit some pics, put them in a template, etc. Wow. That sounds really lazy. We'll see, I could probably order tomorrow night and get them by Thursday - yes, they are that fast.

Well, off to finish the laundry fairy keeps forgetting to show up or something.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Future "Club" Scout Leader....

When I was a little girl, I loved the go exploring down the paths and creeks all over the ranch...and quite often, I led various people around on my adventures, tell them I was a "club" scout guide...looks like the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

And There I Was...

I was doing so good, blogging 2 or 3 times a week...and then tonight, I look and it's almost been 3 weeks???? That just doesn't seem possible. I guess it's time for a run down. Where do I start?

  • I think this is the first time I've been on my laptop in two weeks. Very unusual for me. I think it has to do with the time change. Uh, yeah, that must be it.
  • Riley is good. We appear to have dodged a nasty tummy bug and hand foot & mouth disease. Thank goodness.
  • Jody is fishing a lot and enjoying.
  • Riley and I are going to Florida in June to visit my friend Kirsten and her family. They live in the Pensacola area and Kirsten's daughter Dani and RP are the exact same age - born within 10 minutes of each other I think. Kirsten has a handsome little man named Declan that is one year and one week younger than the girls. I can't wait to squeeze his cute little cheeks :)
  • Ashley and I have decided to renovate one of the ranch houses...I'm sure my one blog commenter (and possibly sole reader) remembers the rock house at the ranch. No one has stayed in it for like 4 years, but it's in pretty good shape, just needs a good cleaning, maybe some paint, and some decorating work - I can't wait! As a matter of fact, we are going out to Shep tomorrow to start working on it. I just have so many great memories from when I was little of going out there and I want Riley to have the same. Before pics to come....
  • I've just about had it with the wind.
  • Riley calls everyone baby. I think it's because Jody calls me "babe" sometimes, thus answering the question "Are you a babe or a cupcake?"
  • I took Riley to the bank today...the last time she was up there was the day after Thanksgiving when no one was there...she had a blast. She conned people into giving her rides on the escalator...she made herself quite at home.
  • She's apparently half monkey, because she climbs on everything by the way.
  • Oh yeah, I started running again...I guess it's more of a wog at this and Carla are going twice a week together, then on our own most weekends. It's been fun, I've thoroughly enjoyed. Even in the stupid wind.
Ok, well, that's all for now. I have to go retrieve my monkey off the side table she climbed on to....have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

615 Days

888,899 minutes.


14,764 hours.


615 days.


87 weeks.


2o months.

That is how long I can tell you exactly what I have done every night. Riley was born 615 nights ago and for 615 nights, I have been there for Riley if she needs me in the night. There are probably only a handful of nights where someone else has laid her down for the night....

But here I am in a Holiday Inn Select in Dallas, watching the Oscars, while in Abilene, Jody is going through the bedtime routine with my little sugar pop. About right now, she's had her bath, and she should have her pj's on be having a little quiet playtime/storytime. And then in 20 minutes or so, she'll go good night night.

Tomorrow night, they'll do the same routines and I'll probably get home to late to see her before bedtime.

It's good for Jody. It's good for me. I don't necessarily mind leaving her...she's in good hands, but I do hate that I had to leave on Sunday, which cut into my weekend time with her...and then I'll put in a 12+ hour day tomorrow...and won't really get to spend any time with her until Tuesday night.

Anyway, I'm having a nice time...dinner was good. Had Genghis Grill and just about hurt myself with the dragon sauce...wish we had gotten to the mall early enough to shop more, but I did hit Sephora and buy my all time favorite perfume Hanae Mori. I also bought some Lavanila Vanilla Coconut perfume. It smells like the beach. And some less exciting things, like Bare Minerals and some concealer. And I got a couple of free or discounted gifts since I'm a Sephora club member of some kind. Like Lip Fusion lip gloss for $10 when it's normally $38. That's a pretty good deal.

Anyway, now I'm watching the Oscars and playing on the computer.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Poor Baby

Riley had a collision today. I think it looked worse all evening long. Ouch!

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7 Quick Thoughts

1. Jody is at Amistad this week. He won't be home until Sunday night. I leave for Dallas on Sunday and won't be home until God knows when Monday night because the training gets out at 4:30. In north Dallas. Yeah, that won't be fun.

2. I worked my tail off this week. Since I had Riley, I haven't worked late very often, it's just not easy to juggle getting someone to pick her up for me last minute...any way, I worked until maybe 6 one night and 6:30 another.

3. I am going to March of Dimes and Relay for Life this year. And I'm going to try to raise more money than I usually do. I think I'll offer entries in a drawing for every $5 donated and raffle off an Ally Zabba and maybe some cute bloomers.

4. I have read more books since I got my Kindle than I have read in a long time. I have also gotten less sleep. Possible correlation?

5. Riley said the cutest thing the other night...she was so tired and was just crying the whole time I diapered her and put on her pj's and she said "GO!!!!" and I said where do you want to go...and she said "go good night night." She's so sweet.

6. I'm having a dilemma on buying an extra car seat. I have a Britax, Mom and Jody both have Evenflow's, and my MIL has a Graco. Now I need a seat for Aunt Ashley, so she can help out with picking her up for me a couple of days a week. I have a friend with a used Britax that she wanted $60 for, which seems fair to me. But the manufacture date is 11/05 and apparently Britax puts a 6 year expiration on their car seats. So if I don't move her to a booster until she is 4, that would leave a gap in the expiration of that seat and her turning 4 of about 8 months. I have a bit of a thing about car seats, so I think even as good of deal as it is, I will probably pass. But it's probably a good buy for someone.

7. I am on a decluttering frenzy...I have put more stuff on ebay this week...and I really stink at figuring postage apparently. Oh well.

Monday, March 01, 2010


I like the seven random facts format I used Saturday...that may be my new standard type of entry. It's easy, doesn't require a huge time commitment and you can really cover a lot of ground. And who knows, it might turn into 10 random things from time to time.

1. Still sick, but feel better. My voice is still (disappointingly) not Demi Moore level of sexy. Jody is sick, but not super bad. Riley has a gross cough.

2. Work kicked my tail end today. I stayed until after 6, thanks to Jody being able to pick up Riley. Tomorrow will be a rough day, but I'll get through it.

3. Had Fuji's for lunch today. We don't go very often, but it seemed like a good idea today. It was cold and wet out.

4. Speaking of cold and wet, it actually snowed some today. Big, huge, puffy white snow. But only for about 5 minutes.

5. I'm ready to get back to C25K. I just need my lungs to clear up. I'm pretty sure I would cough up a lung at this point.

6. Riley pooped in the tub tonight. Of course, Jody had just walked out the door to go to Academy (more fishing trip preparation, as I type, he's in the living room watching YouTube videos on how to use his new high powered fish finder) Anyway, yes, she pooped in the tub and was quite upset about it. I hate that she gets all upset, but on the other hand, at least she's aware of what's going on. Seems like from a potty training standpoint, that has to be a step in the right direction.

7. Wine is good. Even the cheap stuff.

8. (See, I knew I couldn't keep it to 7) Riley's picture in some super cute bloomers my friend Kirsten made was featured on one of her fellow etsy team member's pages. Kirsten has some adorable stuff, check out her store here.

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