Friday, March 05, 2010

7 Quick Thoughts

1. Jody is at Amistad this week. He won't be home until Sunday night. I leave for Dallas on Sunday and won't be home until God knows when Monday night because the training gets out at 4:30. In north Dallas. Yeah, that won't be fun.

2. I worked my tail off this week. Since I had Riley, I haven't worked late very often, it's just not easy to juggle getting someone to pick her up for me last minute...any way, I worked until maybe 6 one night and 6:30 another.

3. I am going to March of Dimes and Relay for Life this year. And I'm going to try to raise more money than I usually do. I think I'll offer entries in a drawing for every $5 donated and raffle off an Ally Zabba and maybe some cute bloomers.

4. I have read more books since I got my Kindle than I have read in a long time. I have also gotten less sleep. Possible correlation?

5. Riley said the cutest thing the other night...she was so tired and was just crying the whole time I diapered her and put on her pj's and she said "GO!!!!" and I said where do you want to go...and she said "go good night night." She's so sweet.

6. I'm having a dilemma on buying an extra car seat. I have a Britax, Mom and Jody both have Evenflow's, and my MIL has a Graco. Now I need a seat for Aunt Ashley, so she can help out with picking her up for me a couple of days a week. I have a friend with a used Britax that she wanted $60 for, which seems fair to me. But the manufacture date is 11/05 and apparently Britax puts a 6 year expiration on their car seats. So if I don't move her to a booster until she is 4, that would leave a gap in the expiration of that seat and her turning 4 of about 8 months. I have a bit of a thing about car seats, so I think even as good of deal as it is, I will probably pass. But it's probably a good buy for someone.

7. I am on a decluttering frenzy...I have put more stuff on ebay this week...and I really stink at figuring postage apparently. Oh well.


courtney said...

you might as well stay in N Dallas and have a nice dinner before you take off at 4:30. you'd probably get home at the same time anyway.

ugh, now i'm feeling guilty about my carseats. both of the ones we use for korley are hand-me-downs from landry.

Marilyn said...

Oh don't feel guilty! I just have a thing about car seats, I guess ;) Thanks for Dallas info, I am really not looking forward to dealing with all that.


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