Monday, January 29, 2007

DIE(t) - Day #1

I've made it one day so snacking, no sweets, no nothing. I even ate some fruit. I'm waiting on the Slim in 6 to get here, so I figured I'd go ahead and do something in the meantime, so I pulled out the good old Turbo Jam dvds. Oh my. I'm in B A D shape. But you know what? I did it. I sweated. And cussed. And hit pause a few times so that I could drink some water. But I did it and it didn't kill me (at least not this time anyway!).

Another BORING day at work. I worked on clearing up appraisal exceptions all day long and only finished maybe half of them. Ick.

Ok, back to being OCD about the "plan" as I'm going to call it. I have to say I'm really looking forward to my pants not being so tight. That's really a pretty miserable feeling, to wear a suit almost 10 hours a day and have the pants be tight.

In summary, I didn't fall off the wagon day #1. But there's still 4 hours until bedtime!!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Diet Is Just Die with a T at the End

So I intentionally did not make New Year's resolutions this year...too cliched, too easy to screw up...however, while looking at pics recently, it looks like it's time for me to curb the eating and get back to exercising. Ick. Double ick at my pictures though. (shudders a little) And then I stepped on the scales. We are not going there. Bad, bad, bad. Bad.

I ordered the Slim in 6 series from Beach Body. I've had good luck in the past with Yoga Booty Ballet (my fave workouts ever!) but I feel like I need something with more structure.

I guess my goal is to do the entire 6 week program and see how things work. I should probably go back to a healthy eating plan as well. I've done LA Weightloss in the past and it works. It's pretty easy too. Reasonable could be the word I'm looking for....

Have I mentioned that I'm a little OCD? Last time I had the epiphany and got my ass in gear with LAWL and Yoga Booty, I became obsessive. With a capital O. Like where I weighed myself at least twice a day, if not three times a day. However, it worked and I looked really good.

So stayed tuned for the diet/exercise obsessed posts that are sure to come.


Long time, no post...things have just been busy here since I got home from Colorado (which was a rough trip home). I've been battling some kind of allergy/sinus stuff, and I just tired of feeling so SNOTTY all the time. And I mean that in the congested sense, not the attitude sense.
Pretty boring week, followed by a very unexciting (thank goodness) weekend.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday Was A Good Day

We slept in, until Jeff's neighbor Jamie called and wanted to cook breakfast for us. She cooks great omelettes by the way...then it was off to Flatiron Crossing. I went to Sephora and picked up some mascara, cleanser, and moisturizer. Nordstrom was doing a make up event, so me and Jamie got our make up done. Jeff entertained himself by visiting with everyone in the vicinity before heading to the MAC counter to watch them get to drag queens ready for a rave in Colorado Springs (that we got invited to). From there, we went to see Alpha Dog. Great movie, super sad story, even more so because it's true. Then it was back up the mountain for the evening. Jeff's big into indie films, which sometimes I like, and sometimes theres just a reason why they're indies. I loved Little Miss Sunshine, Thirteen, Whale Rider, In America...those are all good movies. The one he made us watch was "You and Me and Everyone Else We Know." He asked if I liked it and I said no, which led him to asking to explain why.

Anyway, it's snowling lightly this morning and I'm just chilling out.

Here are some pics from our road trip on Friday:

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I'm up here in Colorado,where there was supposed to be a major winter storm, and so far nothing!!! BUT meanwhile, Texas is getting hammered with ice. It's just kind of ironic.

Anyway, it is beautiful up here. Yesterday (Friday), Jeff and I got up and drove down the mountain to Boulder to have breakfast at this place called Camille's. It was SO GOOD. Boulder is a beautiful town and there are some great houses there. After we left Boulder, the weather was pretty good, so Jeff took me on a tour, up Boulder Canyon, around Nederland, to Eldora, then to Blackhawk/Central City. Like I said, the weather was good in that it wasn't snowing and the sun was out. BUT the temperature never got over -7. Then we came back to the house and watched The Hours (he made me, and it was pretty good), and Entourage (I made him).

Here are some pics from the trip so far:
The house is's three stories total...the top story has the living room, kitchen, dining area, master bedroom/master bath. The middle floor, where I iam, has two bedrooms, a full bath, and a den. The bottom floor has a full bar, a pool table, full bath, and a movie theatre.
Jeff's House (and Jeff)

The living room:

The dining area (I love all the framed album art):

Jeff's Bedroom (note the view of the continental divide out his window):

The master bath (WOW! I love the bath tub!!!)

The kitchen:

The middle floor has a large den Jeff uses as his editing room (just picture me sitting at the desk with the huge computer monitor):

And two bedroom (not pictured)

The lower floor has a pool table and a theatre:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Up On A Mountaintop

Wow. That's all I have to say. Jeff's place is beautiful. This is going to be a good vacation.

still at dfw

Still here on my blackberry. There are these two guys palying guitar and fiddle, singing. They're really good. Didn't realize it was live at first. They're probably famous bluegrass people. And that's prorbably why I don't have a clue who they are.
About to board!

4 am Is No Time to Get Up

Here iam at dfw blogging from my blackberry. As ocd as I am, I decided to try for the 5:40 flight that gave me a little more time before my denver flight. We rocked and bounced all the way here. Not a great thing on a small plane! Good thing I don't get motion sickness! Just had a bagel (super good from einstein bros)and I'm heading to my gate.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I leave for Colorado on Thurday and I have been telling Jeff I would really like for it to snow while I'm there. He called today and told me it looks like I'll be getting my wish...check out the forecast here....note that it's a balmy 38 degrees on Wedesday...after that, the temps just fall to a high of 24, 12 (!), 9 (!), 14, 20, and 26 for Thursday through Tuesday, respectively. It's going to be cold. I may be wearing all my clothes at once!

I did get two really cute coats for my trip (it was a really good sale and I just couldn't make up my mind).

Jody didn't like the orange one so much...he said it looked something from the 70's from a garage sale. Whatevs...I like it and I promise to never make him wear hit. Plus I think some of his hunting clothes are pretty hideous.

I also got a new pair of Nikes. Being as my Shox are like 3 years old, I thought it might be ok to buy a new pair:

I'm also got these on sale...normally $160 (I can't imagine paying that much for a pair of running shoes!) marked down to $99 (which is still pretty bad, but if they last 3 years, that's only $0.09 per day).


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