Sunday, March 07, 2010

615 Days

888,899 minutes.


14,764 hours.


615 days.


87 weeks.


2o months.

That is how long I can tell you exactly what I have done every night. Riley was born 615 nights ago and for 615 nights, I have been there for Riley if she needs me in the night. There are probably only a handful of nights where someone else has laid her down for the night....

But here I am in a Holiday Inn Select in Dallas, watching the Oscars, while in Abilene, Jody is going through the bedtime routine with my little sugar pop. About right now, she's had her bath, and she should have her pj's on be having a little quiet playtime/storytime. And then in 20 minutes or so, she'll go good night night.

Tomorrow night, they'll do the same routines and I'll probably get home to late to see her before bedtime.

It's good for Jody. It's good for me. I don't necessarily mind leaving her...she's in good hands, but I do hate that I had to leave on Sunday, which cut into my weekend time with her...and then I'll put in a 12+ hour day tomorrow...and won't really get to spend any time with her until Tuesday night.

Anyway, I'm having a nice time...dinner was good. Had Genghis Grill and just about hurt myself with the dragon sauce...wish we had gotten to the mall early enough to shop more, but I did hit Sephora and buy my all time favorite perfume Hanae Mori. I also bought some Lavanila Vanilla Coconut perfume. It smells like the beach. And some less exciting things, like Bare Minerals and some concealer. And I got a couple of free or discounted gifts since I'm a Sephora club member of some kind. Like Lip Fusion lip gloss for $10 when it's normally $38. That's a pretty good deal.

Anyway, now I'm watching the Oscars and playing on the computer.

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