Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Just a Few Funny Things

Riley has started to really say some funny things....

Sunday, we were out at Carla's house since Ashley is housesitting for her...Riley, Mom, and Ashley were sitting on the stairs. When I came around the corner, Riley patted the step next to her and said "come here baby." It was so stinking cute.

Then later that day, Trish brought Sarah out for Riley's birthday party...Riley really wanted Sarah to swim with her...when Trish was stripping Sarah, Riley decided to help out and told Sarah "I help you baby." It was so cute....

Then, the other night, Jody was on the phone and Riley kept saying "I talk, I talk" and "phone, phone." I figured Jody was talking to his brother or his dad, because he said "Riley wants to talk you." So Riley gets on the phone "Hewwo?" And proceeds to chatter away. Jody asked her who she was talking to and she says "some man." Turns out it was some man...Jeff that Jody works with - it was really funny.

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