Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why Am I Awake?

Here's an excellent question: why am I awake while my baby is in there sleeping away at 5 am?

Up until Friday, Riley was sleeping through the night (STTN) and had been for two weeks. Sure, there was a night or two that she would wake up around 2 am for a snack, but I can live with that. Then came Friday and her 2 month check up and vaccinations. Starting that night, she was up at least two times a night, with her night waking peaking on Monday night. She was up every two hours and actually stayed awake from 1 am to 3 am. She never really wakes up, even when she STTN and wakes up at 5 or 6, she eats and goes right back to sleep for another couple of hours. Apparently she was tired on Tuesday too because she would not go to sleep then either and therefor neither could i. She would fall asleep, you would think she was out, and then her eyes would pop open and she'd smile at you. At least she stayed in a good mood until about 7:30 that night. My mom came over to relieve me for a bit and she couldn't even get her to sleep more than 30 minutes. I knew we were doomed when a car ride that afternoon didn't put her straight into dreamland. Once she finally did go to sleep that night, she slept until 2 and then 5, and then 8:30 when she woke up with the biggest grin. So when I put her down wednesday night, I was hoping she might sttn and she has, its 5:30 and she's still snoozing soundly. However all this nighttime activity has my supply really up for the night now and I had to get up and pump at 4:30 or be miserable and leaky. So now I'm laying here waiting for her to wake up. I know as soon as I close my eyes, she'll wake up, that's just murphy's law, right?

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