Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is it possible that its really been two weeks since my last post? That's just nuts.

First things first, still pregnant. My official due date according to Dr. T is July 4...I don't think she's coming out any before then without some coaxing.

I did go Tuesday for my appointment with the peri to see just how big of baby we're talking of 6/24, he was estimated that she was 8 lbs 1 oz...and predicted a birth weight of 8 lbs 8 oz if I had her around my due date. Since Dr. T has said we won't go any further than a week past my due date, that means (according to the peri), she could be around 9 lbs by that point in time. OUCH! Guess that's what epidurals are for, right?

The peri didn't do an internal, so I have no idea if I have progressed at all, but I sure don't feel any different...I'm having even fewer Braxton Hicks contractions these days. I'm still working, but I can tell it takes a pretty big toll on me...thinking Tuesday (my next appt) should shed more light on the subject and then I might set a stop date at work...of course my boss is being super cool and told me to just work half days if I want, which would be ideal for me because I'm not sure I'm ready to just sit at the house, twiddling my thumbs, waiting on Riley to show up...but I'm not sure I'm up to working as much as I currently work either. Plus if I work even just a little every day, I won't have to use any of my leave, which would be nice.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Real Update - Yes, I Am Still Pregnant

Sorry, just had to get the first one off my chest...and probably clarify it to say that the ladies I work with who have had babies in the past 5 years or so seem to remember not to say stuff like that...most of them ask me questions rather than tell me how it is....

Anyway, Dr. T thinks I'm gestating a huge baby. The first time he mentioned much about it was at my June 3 appointment...he measured and palpated my belly and said, oh, she'll be 8 lbs, no bigger than 9 lbs, and seemed content...he also did an internal (hey doc, are my tonsils good too?) and there were no changes at all, no surprise. He wanted to confirm that she was head down, so I also got the quickest u/s you can ever imagine. I think it might have lasted about 30-45 seconds, but she is head down.

At my June 10 appointment, Dr. T measured my belly, wrinkled his forehead, and then measured again about 3 times...then asked how tall I am...then he palpated my belly for about 10 minutes before saying he was getting concerned with how big she's getting. He didn't talk estimated birth weight, but I'm assuming it's more than 9 lbs if he wasn't too concerned with up to 9 lbs the week before. I see Dr. T this Tuesday and then he has me scheduled with a perinatalogist for a growth scan the following Tuesday. He says the peri is generally spot on for estimating birth weight and has alot of faith in his ability - said he's never been off by more than 1 lb, which is pretty dang good. And I don't want to try to birth an 11 lb baby vaginally. That just makes me hurt thinking about it!

Yep, Still Pregnant

I swear I should just print out a weekly flyer for people that says:
Yes, I am still pregnant.
Yes, we are sure there is only one in there.
Yes, I'm positive, I've had four sonograms - one in the last two weeks. There is not another one hiding in there.
Yes, I'm sure she's a girl. See answer above.
No, I'm probably not going to have her today. Or tomorrow. Or even the next day.
No, I'm not miserable.
Ask me Tuesday after I go to the doctor and I'll let you know more.

I'm not sure what makes people lose that filter between their brain and their mouth when it comes to pregnant women...I KNOW most people don't mean a thing by it, but here's the thing...I work in a bank with tons of women. And everyday all these women make comments all day long...and by time I hear 8 hours of "oh my gosh you're huge" or "there is no way you'll make it to your due date" or "you must be miserable" or, well you get the idea I'm sure. It absolutely wears you I said, I know none of them mean anything mean, it's just after hearing it all day long from everyone you come across, between that and the pregnancy hormones, it just wears you down!

Sorry for the rant, just sometimes, you have to get it out there!

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