Saturday, January 13, 2007


I'm up here in Colorado,where there was supposed to be a major winter storm, and so far nothing!!! BUT meanwhile, Texas is getting hammered with ice. It's just kind of ironic.

Anyway, it is beautiful up here. Yesterday (Friday), Jeff and I got up and drove down the mountain to Boulder to have breakfast at this place called Camille's. It was SO GOOD. Boulder is a beautiful town and there are some great houses there. After we left Boulder, the weather was pretty good, so Jeff took me on a tour, up Boulder Canyon, around Nederland, to Eldora, then to Blackhawk/Central City. Like I said, the weather was good in that it wasn't snowing and the sun was out. BUT the temperature never got over -7. Then we came back to the house and watched The Hours (he made me, and it was pretty good), and Entourage (I made him).

Here are some pics from the trip so far:
The house is's three stories total...the top story has the living room, kitchen, dining area, master bedroom/master bath. The middle floor, where I iam, has two bedrooms, a full bath, and a den. The bottom floor has a full bar, a pool table, full bath, and a movie theatre.
Jeff's House (and Jeff)

The living room:

The dining area (I love all the framed album art):

Jeff's Bedroom (note the view of the continental divide out his window):

The master bath (WOW! I love the bath tub!!!)

The kitchen:

The middle floor has a large den Jeff uses as his editing room (just picture me sitting at the desk with the huge computer monitor):

And two bedroom (not pictured)

The lower floor has a pool table and a theatre:

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