Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday Was A Good Day

We slept in, until Jeff's neighbor Jamie called and wanted to cook breakfast for us. She cooks great omelettes by the way...then it was off to Flatiron Crossing. I went to Sephora and picked up some mascara, cleanser, and moisturizer. Nordstrom was doing a make up event, so me and Jamie got our make up done. Jeff entertained himself by visiting with everyone in the vicinity before heading to the MAC counter to watch them get to drag queens ready for a rave in Colorado Springs (that we got invited to). From there, we went to see Alpha Dog. Great movie, super sad story, even more so because it's true. Then it was back up the mountain for the evening. Jeff's big into indie films, which sometimes I like, and sometimes theres just a reason why they're indies. I loved Little Miss Sunshine, Thirteen, Whale Rider, In America...those are all good movies. The one he made us watch was "You and Me and Everyone Else We Know." He asked if I liked it and I said no, which led him to asking to explain why.

Anyway, it's snowling lightly this morning and I'm just chilling out.

Here are some pics from our road trip on Friday:

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courtney said...

Yes, it's cold/icy/snowy in TX this weekend, but it sucks. So much better when it's falling on big beautiful mountains instead of flat brown dirt.

Jeff's house looks awesome!


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