Sunday, January 07, 2007


I leave for Colorado on Thurday and I have been telling Jeff I would really like for it to snow while I'm there. He called today and told me it looks like I'll be getting my wish...check out the forecast here....note that it's a balmy 38 degrees on Wedesday...after that, the temps just fall to a high of 24, 12 (!), 9 (!), 14, 20, and 26 for Thursday through Tuesday, respectively. It's going to be cold. I may be wearing all my clothes at once!

I did get two really cute coats for my trip (it was a really good sale and I just couldn't make up my mind).

Jody didn't like the orange one so much...he said it looked something from the 70's from a garage sale. Whatevs...I like it and I promise to never make him wear hit. Plus I think some of his hunting clothes are pretty hideous.

I also got a new pair of Nikes. Being as my Shox are like 3 years old, I thought it might be ok to buy a new pair:

I'm also got these on sale...normally $160 (I can't imagine paying that much for a pair of running shoes!) marked down to $99 (which is still pretty bad, but if they last 3 years, that's only $0.09 per day).

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