Monday, March 30, 2009

Poor Baby

Riley had her 9 month birthday today and all she got was a lousy double ear infection. Poor baby. She is so miserable.

Riley's 9 month "well" baby check up just happened to be this morning, which was good timing, since she is sick.

Her weight was 20 lbs 8 oz and her length was about 29" (she threw a hissy fit when we laid her down to be measured). I had noticed when I got her out of the car, she had some drainage in one of her ears, so I kind of had an idea of what was coming at that point.

Riley was very good with Dr. Strong, he is very kind with her and she was ok with him, better than even her 6 month appointment. He checked her ears first and said both were infected. He showed me the ear diagram and how it all happens. We talked about her rash, which he feels is eczema, probably caused by dry skin, but I don't know. She has never had dry skin, she has the softest, best feeling skin ever. But I'll do as he says so that if it doesn't get better, or it gets worse, I can say I followed his protocol. But VASELINE as lotion? GROSS! Anyway, this is what her rash looks like:

Hopefully it will start clearing up again, one way or another.

Anyway, after her appointment, I dropped her prescription off at United and met my mother-in-law at my house since she offered to watch Riley so I could go in to work. I think they slept all day. Riley was so tired, I guess it's hard to sleep when you have infections in both ears :(

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