Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 3 - Homeward Bound!

Dr. Tadvick let me go home on Wednesday after two nights in the hospital. I felt up to it by that point and I was getting around pretty good, better than I would have thought.

Mom and Gladys came and dressed Riley for going home:

After we got all dressed and the wheelchair came for us, we headed out to meet Jody, who had gone on to get the car...we managed to get her in the car seat without too much trouble (I do think there is a learning curve though!)....

When we got home, Zoe was happily awaiting our arrival. She seems to like Riley alot and was maybe a little overzealous in greeting her:

After we got home, I kind of felt like getting out for a bit, so I went to the pharmacy to pick up my pain pills...I also had decided I didn't need a bassinet, but for some reason, I got home and decided there was no way I could put her in her crib in her room by I was very graciously loaned a great bassinet from some of our good friends.

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