Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 2

Most new mommies that have vaginal deliveries get to go home on day 2, just 24 short hours after giving birth...not me. Dr. Tadvick elected to keep me for two nights for two reasons: I had all those tears and I had a big baby that they wanted to keep an eye on...night 1, Jody spent the night. I felt kind of bad for him. Those chairs that make into beds look like some kind of torture wouldn't believe how early he got up and took off for home to take care of our four legged kiddos....

I got my catheter out mid morning and still had an IV for antibiotics. Around 11:00 they put in the last bag of antibiotics and said in about 30 minutes I could be rid of the IV and could shower "connection" free and go for a walk if I wanted. I waited til about 12 and by that time I had to pee and was thinking I would be able to get the IV out and go to the bathroom all at once. I paged for help and the nurses aid had to be the least helpful person I dealt with during my stay. She wouldn't take the IV out, said it wasn't empty, even though it clearly was...she did help me get out of bed and wheeled the IV to the bathroom and then she literally went "here are some mesh panties and here is a pad." And walked out. I was like are you effing kidding me? I'm standing in the bathroom, IV attached, hospital gown held up on my shoulders only, holding this huge pad...anyway, I told Jody I needed help and he got my real nurse. She was not happy with the treatment the aide gave me...there was NO WAY I could have stepped into those panties on my own...I was doing good just to stand and not fall on my face at that point!

My dad brought my Mama Jo to meet Riley:

I just love this picture! She turned 90 years old two days before Riley was's so wonderful to get to share Riley with her.

After they left, I had several friends visit and then I decided I was up for showering and putting on a gown I had brought with me. I was totally over the hospital gown thing. So I dressed in my gown, put on my house shoes, and Jody and I took a walk. I actually passed Dr. Tadvick...I think he was impressed, because he said he didn't even need to ask how I was doing!

I spent the night by myself, which was fine. I told Jody there wasn't much point in him being miserable as long as the nurses would give me a hand with the baby. And they did.

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courtney said...

Awww....your grandma's so cute with Riley!

Ugh...some nurse's aides (and nurses for that matter) can be such a pain.

Keep the stories coming! (you know, since you have so much free time now! :)


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