Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 21

Well, so far so good. We have mostly done great, only a few really hard days here and there. Riley kind of has a routine down...I feed her at night at 10:30, then she sleeps til about 3:30 and then she sleeps untile 7 or 7:3o...this morning, our schedule was a bit off and I fed her around 5:30 and we slept til nice! The only trick is we sleep in the recliner, which is the best thing we got for the baby. She's getting better about the crib, but she still would rather sleep with you...I can totally see why people take babies to bed with them, not that I'm going to.
And I got to go get a pedicure today. It was heavenly.
Riley is very definite about what she likes and doesn't like...she likes being held and fed, her little tummies drops, and going in the car...she does not like her swing. Or the bouncy seat. Or the sling. Or her crib very much. And baths...she thinks those are tortorous.

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