Sunday, July 27, 2008

4 am

So it's 4 am...and I'm up, but its not Riley's fault, she's been asleep on my chest for the past hour +, she's an excellent night sleeper, thankfully. Why am I up, you might ask...I'm having some discomfort from my stitches, well, actually I would assume the stitches are gone by now, but that general area. I can go days with no problems but then BAM, it hurts again. I think this is because of me squatting by the bathtub earlier when we bathed Riley, it just put a lot of pressure on the "area." Well, enough about that...the discomfort will be gone shortly thanks to lortab :)

Being a mom is just a crazy, overwhelming, wonderful, amazing experience. If you think you love someone or something as much as possible and there's no way you could love more, have a baby. If you already have, you KNOW what I'm talking about. What brought on this gush you might ask? Well, its a ridiculous time of the night and I'm quite happy to just sit here and watch her sleep so sweetly on my chest, with one little arm stretched up towards my neck, while she makes all those sweet baby sounds. I do look forward to sleeping in my bed again someday, but to be honest, I will miss our nights snuggled in the recliner. But something tells me, I probably have some time left in the recliner before I make it back to bed on a regular basis.

And PS what is with MTV and that Schwayze guy? Every single commercial is of him and Cisco Adler doing that Buzzin song. And btw MTV is one of the few stations that doesn't play informercials in the middle of the night. Ok seriously, the date my mom marathon is on and the guy asked a mom what her daughter did for fun and to relax and she said "she likes to smoke." Seriously. OMG. And the guy was a firefighter. He passed.

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