Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yep, Still Pregnant

I swear I should just print out a weekly flyer for people that says:
Yes, I am still pregnant.
Yes, we are sure there is only one in there.
Yes, I'm positive, I've had four sonograms - one in the last two weeks. There is not another one hiding in there.
Yes, I'm sure she's a girl. See answer above.
No, I'm probably not going to have her today. Or tomorrow. Or even the next day.
No, I'm not miserable.
Ask me Tuesday after I go to the doctor and I'll let you know more.

I'm not sure what makes people lose that filter between their brain and their mouth when it comes to pregnant women...I KNOW most people don't mean a thing by it, but here's the thing...I work in a bank with tons of women. And everyday all these women make comments all day long...and by time I hear 8 hours of "oh my gosh you're huge" or "there is no way you'll make it to your due date" or "you must be miserable" or, well you get the idea I'm sure. It absolutely wears you I said, I know none of them mean anything mean, it's just after hearing it all day long from everyone you come across, between that and the pregnancy hormones, it just wears you down!

Sorry for the rant, just sometimes, you have to get it out there!

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