Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Real Update - Yes, I Am Still Pregnant

Sorry, just had to get the first one off my chest...and probably clarify it to say that the ladies I work with who have had babies in the past 5 years or so seem to remember not to say stuff like that...most of them ask me questions rather than tell me how it is....

Anyway, Dr. T thinks I'm gestating a huge baby. The first time he mentioned much about it was at my June 3 appointment...he measured and palpated my belly and said, oh, she'll be 8 lbs, no bigger than 9 lbs, and seemed content...he also did an internal (hey doc, are my tonsils good too?) and there were no changes at all, no surprise. He wanted to confirm that she was head down, so I also got the quickest u/s you can ever imagine. I think it might have lasted about 30-45 seconds, but she is head down.

At my June 10 appointment, Dr. T measured my belly, wrinkled his forehead, and then measured again about 3 times...then asked how tall I am...then he palpated my belly for about 10 minutes before saying he was getting concerned with how big she's getting. He didn't talk estimated birth weight, but I'm assuming it's more than 9 lbs if he wasn't too concerned with up to 9 lbs the week before. I see Dr. T this Tuesday and then he has me scheduled with a perinatalogist for a growth scan the following Tuesday. He says the peri is generally spot on for estimating birth weight and has alot of faith in his ability - said he's never been off by more than 1 lb, which is pretty dang good. And I don't want to try to birth an 11 lb baby vaginally. That just makes me hurt thinking about it!

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courtney said...

You're right....women DO say the stupiest things ever (even the ones who have small children and should know better!!).

I had big babies, too. Landry was 10 lbs 5 oz! Fortunately, I had a c-section b/c not only was she big but she was turned wrong (not breech, but sunny side up). Korley was 8 lbs 6 oz, but she was also 2 weeks early. If I had gone the to term she would have been over 10 lbs. yikes!

Keep us updated on everything! It's all going to be great!


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