Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's Been Going On....

I had my most recent doctor's appoint on Friday and all with the baby is great...Riley was a silly baby, kicking the doppler every time Kendra tried to get her was pretty amusing! I also got the results of my renal ultrasound I had on Thursday. It's a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that the monster stone I had at the end of March is gone. Dr. T seemed very impressed I managed to pass it. The bad news is that I have a new stone laying in wait in my kidney. More good news is that it's half the size of the moster stone. I was the first appt of the day and Dr. T had plenty of time to talk to me. Basically, at this point, we just stay status quo on the stones, since I'm not hurting all the time. He seems to think once I have the baby the stones will go away. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, I go every other week now, so I guess I'll be seeing alot of Kendra and Dr. T (and I imagine they'll be seeing alot more of me too!)

Saturday, me, Jenni (and Evan), Trish, and David went to the Kiwanis pancake day before heading to Red Bud for the March of Dimes walk. Then I mom and I went to lunch...and then I met Nikki, Trish, Shasta and her sister at the movies and watched Baby Mama. It was pretty funny, actually. I was afraid it was one of those that showed all the funny parts in the commercial....

Today has been pretty laid back. I'm super tired today. Jody snored his ass off last night and hogged the bed. I have got to make up the front bedroom because I have a feeling one of us might be sleeping in the there from time to time before the baby is born.

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courtney said... of you will be sleeping in there from time to time *after* the baby is born. :)


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