Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is it possible that its really been two weeks since my last post? That's just nuts.

First things first, still pregnant. My official due date according to Dr. T is July 4...I don't think she's coming out any before then without some coaxing.

I did go Tuesday for my appointment with the peri to see just how big of baby we're talking of 6/24, he was estimated that she was 8 lbs 1 oz...and predicted a birth weight of 8 lbs 8 oz if I had her around my due date. Since Dr. T has said we won't go any further than a week past my due date, that means (according to the peri), she could be around 9 lbs by that point in time. OUCH! Guess that's what epidurals are for, right?

The peri didn't do an internal, so I have no idea if I have progressed at all, but I sure don't feel any different...I'm having even fewer Braxton Hicks contractions these days. I'm still working, but I can tell it takes a pretty big toll on me...thinking Tuesday (my next appt) should shed more light on the subject and then I might set a stop date at work...of course my boss is being super cool and told me to just work half days if I want, which would be ideal for me because I'm not sure I'm ready to just sit at the house, twiddling my thumbs, waiting on Riley to show up...but I'm not sure I'm up to working as much as I currently work either. Plus if I work even just a little every day, I won't have to use any of my leave, which would be nice.

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