Saturday, April 10, 2010

I had a shower to attend for a co-worker this past week and I had done the shower invites...the hosts (it was a co-ed group) asked me to match their bedding:

So I thought what better way to do their shower gift than to make it match the baby's bedding and my friend Kirsten of Dandedarlingdesigns mentioned she had a basket AND an Ally Zabba blanket that would go perfectly (it was also helpful that Kirsten's baby boy Declan has the exact same bedding :)...she also did some burp rags to coordinate...I added a monkey, crib sheet, and some tulle ribbon and VOILE!

It made a super cute gift...I love the embroidered name on the Ally Zabba blanket...just super cute! I will definitely be doing more shower gifts like this in the future :)

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