Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Saturday

On Easter Saturday, we headed to my dad's ranch at Glen Cove.

It is quite lovely there. The cows are calving and the babies are just adorable. I'm not sure there is another newborn baby animal that is immediately as gorgeous as a calf.

Bonnie (Riley's Nanny) took Riley in the Mule to see a new calf:

Disappointed they aren't on a real mule? That confuses people a lot. You'd be surprised.

The newborn calf is black, with a star on his pretty little face and two hind socks. Riley took one look at the babe and said "Socks?" So with that, the poor little guy was christened with a name more appropriate for a cat. I am proud of her for naming her first animal at a young age. My first animal naming experience resulted in our poor dog being named Sweetstick.

We had a lovely lunch and then my stepmom (aka Nanny) says, "So would you do some pictures of my goat Petunia for me?" I say, sure, why not...and I'm so glad I did...the pictures are just adorable.

Riley also did some Easter egg hunting and rock collecting, but I'll post those pictures separately.

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