Monday, February 01, 2010

Yeah, Um....

I am a sucky blogger.

It's only been since August 2009 since I posted. And it was was more of a vent.

In all fairness, I DID start a post back in September about vacationing with a 14 month old and whether or not it really qualifies as a vacation when you have a 14 month old with you. But alas, it is sitting in post purgatory. MAYBE I will finish it someday. Maybe I won't.

Anyway, this is my obligatory "here I go, I'm going to post more" post. I really have no excuse. I mean, you can even post by e-mail. I could, like, do that at work. Or not. Since I never have.

Anyway, this is post #100. Maybe it's a turning point. I do know I was rereading some of my posts tonight and I'm glad they are there. I need to remember that...and try post at least monthly...that would definitely be better than my semi-annual posts of late.

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