Saturday, February 27, 2010

7 Random Things

1. I'm still sick. Better than I was, but not well yet either. I do have a voice, it's just scratchy and kind of fades in and out. Bring on the sexy voice! Jody is a little under the weather, too. Riley has a gross cough, but it seems likes that could be that she's getting sick or it could just mean that she's a toddler.

2. Mom, Ashley, Riley, and I went to Perini's for lunch today. We all really had hamburgers in mind. Well, we got out there and decided we needed steaks. So yes, we had a $100+ lunch. But man, it was good. And it is a gorgeous day.

3. I kept my friend Trish's daughter last night. Sarah Posey is 2 months younger than Riley and they are BFFs for sure. They had a really good time. Sarah got tired and went to sleep on the couch about 8:30. Riley, who takes after me apparently, decided she did not need to go to sleep and spent a good 10 minutes torturing Sarah by tickling her, smooching her, poking her, and at last resort, literally climbing on top of her and using her as a pillow. Poor little Sarah never wiggled, she was so tired.

4. Jody is going on his annual fishing trip Thursday. I don't want to sound, uh, well, excited, but I kind of am...he and I always do better if we get a few days apart. I'm sure the next few days will be a flurry of activity, with him acting like a giddy school girl at the idea of going to Amistad for a few days with the guys ;)

5. I am leaving Riley overnight for the first time next weekend. It's kind of crazy to think that for 20+ MONTHS, I have been there to put her to bed every night or to comfort her if she wakes in the night. I have to leave on March 7 for a training in Dallas. It's just one night, not a big deal. I'm ok with it, actually looking forward to getting out of town - figure I can get in a little shopping and eat a good meal somewhere up there. The only trick will be I need to leave before Jody gets back from fishing, so we'll just have to do a little planning. Planning is fine with me, but J prefers to fly by the seat of his pants.

6. Riley is now obsessed with purses - or "pahr" as she calls them. Today, she decided she needed my mom's little Coach bag. To drag through the dirt and mud at Perini's. Good thing they are durable.
7. Is it wrong that I think Zac Efron is super duper cute?

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