Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Of Rashes and Such....

Poor Riley. She's over the ear infections...but yesterday when I picked her up from Becky's, her "eczema" has spread to her neck and was really red and angry looking. I did our nightly routine of a bath and greasing the baby with Vaseline (not the most fun game I've ever played)...and I put her to bed, thinking it would look better in the morning.

It didn't. It was worse and had spread to the other side of her neck, her back, her tummy. And it looked different.
I took her back to Dr. Strong, who thinks Amoxicillin is probably to blame. He doesn't mean that she is necessarily allergic (she could be), but he thinks she is possibly allergic to the dye or the flavoring. He also suggested we switch to soy formula for her bottles she takes at Memaw Becky's house.

By the end of the day, her rash looked like this:

You can see the patch of real eczema on the lower right hand area of the picture...this new rash definitely isn't eczema. Poor baby. The good thing is it doesn't really seem to bother her for the most part...it isn't itching or anything that I can tell. Dr. Strong did say I give her some Benadryl, but I haven't yet.

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