Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The GD Test

GD stands for gestational diabetes...personally, I think it stands for something else that isn't very nice to say. Whatever the case, I had my one hour glucose tolerance test today (Wednesday)...basically, there isn't any preparation for the test. You show up, drink a not too large amount of some disgusting "glucola", and then wait for an hour to have your blood drawn. I chose to go upstairs and watch the epidural video, which wasn't painful to watch at all. Then I went back downstairs and watched people freak out over the rained really hard for about 10 minutes. They were all freaking out about tornadoes. There weren't any. After my hour was up, I got my blood drawn again and went home....

On a yuck note, I think I had another kidney stone last night...I woke up around 1 am in pain, not like the first round, but just really uncomfortable. I did not want to go to the hospital so I took two lortab and figured if I could sleep it off, it would be ok. Dr. T had me do more lab work, so we'll see how that comes back.

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