Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Know, It's Like Some Kind of Miracle.

Two nights in a row. Wow.

Update on the is not broken, but the bone is bruised and there is significant swelling. What this means, is that basically any time my wrist is brushed up against, I see stars and four letter words just gush out of my's really a little embarrassing.

Not much else to report. Cheryl and I went to the mall after work to buy some sexy lingerie for a good friend of ours that we're doing a lingerie shower for Saturday. Should be some good pics from that party...We didn't really buy sexy lingerie, it was more tasteful and pretty. Of course Cheryl took her husband the night before and he picked out some "screw me til I'm blind" (his words, not mine) stuff. We passed.

Work is work. Still need that vacation. Wasn't really there much of the day since I was at the doc for 4 hours...oh, and I actually won a drawing...we had a promotion roll out this morning at the Paramount and everyone was entered in the drawing for some movie tickets. Cheryl was the first name out of the tumbler, the girl sitting behind her was the second, and I was third and sitting directly to her right. Then Bob was the fourth name and he was sitting directly behind me. How weird is that?

Off to watch Survivor.

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