Monday, February 26, 2007

One Down, Four To Go

I am just not a fan of Mondays. Work was ok today, it's just scary how busy we are right now. Remember how happy I was to get to pay to park across the street? I had to call and cancel my lease on that spot today being as I now get to park in the garage at work. I'm impressed I remembered to call...the lady there probably thinks I'm totally schizo b/c I was so jazzed to get a spot back and then, here we are like three weeks later, and I'm like, uh, you can have it back now.

Watched the Academy Awards last night, well, at least part of them. I just wasn't that excited by it all - Thank God for Tivo. I really liked Little Miss Sunshine and the Departed, so I'm glad both did well. I do think it's a shame that Borat didn't win an Oscar...that would have been a trip. I bought Babel the other day, but I haven't watched it yet. I was really hoping Meryl Streep, ugly dress and all, would win the actress category. I LOVED her in the Devil Wears Prada. Her "outfit" was totally fug. Maybe she was trying to put as much distance between herself and the character, b/c Miranda would not have *EVER* worn that....

I was going to visit Kara in the Falls this weekend, but she had a change of plan and is going to come here Saturday. Should be pure torture for J to put up with the two of time she and I had a running email going discussing how horrible it was when Aunt Flo is visiting and how Taco Bueno and Ben & Jerry's seem to be only cure for it basically turned into a story about us, PMSing, in our pajamas on the couch, with our chicken taquitos, Mexidips, and Karamel Sutra, while watching the saddest movies ever, like Simon Birch, Beaches, Old Yeller, and crying non-stop, sniveling "it's just so sad". We should do that this weekend to see if J can set a landspeed record for packing his bag and going know it's bad enough when I do it all by myself, he'd freak it there were two of us doing it :)

7 out of 36 workouts done. I'm proud of myself. I actually caught myself thinking that I was kind of excited about working out. Weird. The second phase of SI6 is definitely more challenging. This one part with leg lifts is just KILLING me. I also read in the little book that accompanied the dvds that most people thought the 2d and 3d days of phase 2 were the hardest of the entire 6 weeks. Somehow I think they're lying.

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