Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Manly Goodness That Is Orlando Bloom

Me and my mama (shout out to W. Virginia, home of Jen Garner, the mother-to-be of B. Aff's baby...girl, you do know he wears eyeliner?) decided after each experiencing tumultuous mornings and early afternoons that we should just ditch real life for a couple of hours and head to the movies. What to see? Hmmmmm....a romantic comedy (there're two out with Ashton...who's getting Punk'd now?). No. A suspenseful thriller with multiple Oscar winners. No. We went for the epic "Kingdom of Heaven" starring Orlando Bloom and who cares who else. Oh, and I, uh, think Liam Neeson was in it too. For a little while anyway. And the creepy bad guy from the first XXX. He was in it too.

I've always thought Orlando was cute, I mean I would imagine we've all seen him in a blonde wig with pointy ears and thought he works it as an elf. He was cute in Pirates, but I mean, compared to Johnny Depp, even in all his pirate gear? Not quite. Not such as big fan of his Paris to Brad's Achilles or Eric B's Hector. But things have now changed. I would put Orlando in the hot, sexy man category now. I read somewhere he gained 20 lbs of muscle for the part. It worked for him.

Oh, and the movie...it was pretty good too.

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