Saturday, April 23, 2005

I Always Liked the Color Pink...

That is until it was used to describe my eyes...

So I went to work Thursday and the first thing I'm greeted with is "Man, who smacked you in the eye?" What?!?!?Who?!?! Are you talking to me?!?! I knew my eye was a bit teary, but not "who smacked you in the eye" kind of bad. So I go into my office and start checking myself out in the mirror...OMG, it does look like I was smacked! My eyelids are puffy and pink and I look like I'm carrying my luggage around under my eyes (and I'm not a light packer!). So $80 later, I end up with a diagnosis of pink eye and some eye drops, and a reassurance that all will be better soon. I have but one word for you....

By Thursday night, my eye feels like it about to pop out of my head (wouldn't that be pretty?) and it just plain hurts and is not any better.
Friday morning, no better, no worse, no work, as I'm apparently the modern equivalent of a leper. For example:
Him: Did u touch that remote?
Me: Yes.
Him: Ew. (followed by a pause)
Him: Did you touch that other remote?
Me: Yes.
Him: Ew.

So it gets even better as I develop a sore throat by Friday night. What the hell is that about? A pink (now bordering on purple) eye and a sore throat. Nice.

By Saturday morning (as in today), my eye wouldn't open as it seems someone glued it shut during the night. Oh wait! The drainage that was supposed to go away "soon" has stuck my eye shut. Unfortunately, my doctor doesn't work on Saturdays and my only choices are the ER or the minor emergency clinic. I chose the minor emergency clinic. I see a PA who is clearly not coming within 4 feet of my face. I promise you, she seriously stood way the hell back, further confirming my theory that I am in fact a modern day leper. Oh, and I have a fever. So since my eye is purple, ooky, and swollen, she gives me a shot of penicillin and another Rx for oral know, since my eye hurts and all. And refers me to the Eye Institute. And tells me no work until they figure out what I've got (oh that's reassuring). My boss will be less than thrilled, but I'm sure he'd rather not have the purple eye funk going around the bank.

So then I call one of my partners in crime, the soon-to-be M.D. who was a nurse practitioner in her former life (okay, she still is on occassion when she's not studying her ass off for med school) and relay my experience with her. Unfortunately she lives 4 hours away now. She was less than thrilled that no eye exam was performed and no eye drops were prescribed and made some comment about not wanting my eye to liquify. Girl, you don't want my eye to liquify? I really don't either...I really like me eye! Please, please fix it! So she calls in Cipro eye ointment for me.

And I took a picture of my scary if ya'll (I'm from TX, give me a break) are lucky, maybe I'll post it....

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Diva said...

Bring on the funky eye pic!!!


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