Sunday, February 14, 2010


So today Riley has said/done two things that are new....

We went to my mom's for Valentine's Day / my mom's birthday.

Riley LOVES to play in her Gigi's room and immediately latched on to Gigi's iPod. I'm sure Gigi was quite thrilled ;)

Riley also was very interested in her shirt AND her bellybutton as always.

Then Riley puts Gigi's iPod to her ear. This is nothing new...the child has been "using" a cell phone for ages. I actually have a picture of her doing downdog WITH her cell phone in her hand. And yes, it was a real cell phone - just not an active cell phone :)

Anyway, back to the story...she put the iPod phone to her ear and says "Hewwo?"

I thought I was going to die from the cuteness factor. Her standard "conversation" on her cell phone consists of "Hi!" or "Go!", but never "Hewwo?"

Just more proof my baby is growing up!

Then, a little while later, Riley walks over to Lala (her aunt, my sister) and just slaps the devil out of her and then comes over to me for a hug...I squatted down to her level and said "Riley, it's not nice to hit, you need to go give Lala a hug and a kiss and tell her you're sorry."

So she walks over to Ashley and gives her a hug and a kiss and says "Sowwy." Another heartmelting moment. Granted it started with her slapping my sister, but still, at least she wasn't slapping me. :) Anway, that is the first time I've heard her say sorry. I'm sure we'll have many more sorry's and hewwo's to come, but those were just the first I had heard of them :)

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