Saturday, February 06, 2010

19 Months....

It’s so hard to believe my itty bitty baby (if you can call a 9 pounder itty bitty) has grown in the rambunctious toddler that she has…what can I say about 19 months – she’s an absolute blast when she isn’t being a toddler terrorist. I think that pretty well sums it up. When she is good, she is so sweet and fun – but when she is bad, she is very, very bad.

  • She talks all the time. Most of the time, I can understand her…sometimes, I just fake it. Or say “can you show me?” Most of the time that keeps her happy. I have friends that ask me how many words she uses…I don’t even know how to answer that – she repeats all sorts of stuff. Except what you really want her to repeat. I’ve been trying for I Love You or Love You for ages. Well, she finally said it – to the dog.
  • She loves to do “ring ring” (translation: Ring Around the Rosey). No one is allowed to sit it out, 100% participation is required. And she is ALWAYS the last one to fall down. She has to make sure everyone really falls down before she, too, will fall down.
  • She loves her babies - none of them of the human variety. She has a bunny baby, a bear baby, a monkey baby, a Who baby, and a bear dressed like a bunny baby. And she loves them all.
  • She has highjacked my Mega Zabba. She has her own smaller version, but apparently she prefers mine to sleep with...and does so every night.
  • Speaking of sleep, Riley is a good sleeper - she hits the hay about 8 every night and sleeps until we wake her in the morning. I can't remember the last time one of us had to get up in the night with her. No more rocking either. I weaned her around the middle of December and along with weaning went the rocking. Bedtime had gotten to be a struggle - she would fight me for two hours. We started just laying her down and it's worked like a charm.
  • She loves her some macaroni and cheese. That's my go to meal for nights she isn't digging food.
  • She tried fish sticks for the first time Tuesday night. She is a fan.
  • She loves her jacket from Old Navy. Like to the point she doesn't ever want to take it off. Becky said yesterday, she literally wore it all day long - even during her nap.
  • She does down dog on command.
  • Elmo rules the dvd player in her room, but the Chipmunks are a close second.
  • She loves to dance. Single Ladies will almost always get a reaction...she will even spank the booty....
  • She loves to lead people around by the hand.
  • I bribe her into getting dressed by telling her we'll go outside.
  • She is all about going outside - or 'side 'side as she calls it. The biggest issue is once she's outside, it's pretty tough to get her back in.
  • She takes one nap a day, for about 3 hours most of the time. Heaven help if you miss her nap, she gets a little mean.

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