Saturday, August 23, 2008

Smiling at Angels

My great aunt Lucy passed away tonight. She was my grandmother's last living sister and they were so close. We were actually all very close to her, she was like a second Mema. I hurt for my Mema because I know how hard it is for her, but yet she's acting as the consoler for us.
Lu moved to Midland a little over a year ago, after Uncle LC passed. She was able to come visit us a few times. She was actually here the weekend I went into labor, except she left Saturday afternoon and I went into labor Sunday night. She promised to come see Riley when she was born. Plans changed and people got busy, too busy to drive her to visit, so she just hopped in her car and sneaked down here one Friday. I'm so glad she had the spirit to do that, otherwise she and Riley wouldn't have ever met.
So tonight, Riley lay sleeping in my grandmother's arms, with a huge grin on her face, smiling at angels as my mother in law would say. I have no doubt that Lu and LC were peeking down on us from heaven.

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