Friday, August 08, 2008

My Little Reverse Insomniac

If you don't sleep during the daytime when you are a baby and supposed to, does that make you a reverse insomniac?

Riley is apparently going through another growth spurt which appears to mean three things:
1) She is going to suck me dry all day long,

2) She is going to refuse to sleep all day long. She'll tease you and make you think she's going to sleep, but she never enters the "limp limb" state that Dr. Sears talks about. That could be a whole other post and probably will be the next time I have a chance to blog from laptop, rather than my blackberry at 4 am. Anyway, she'll shut her eyes and doze and then her eyes will just fly open and she's off to eating. Again.

3) Nothing is going to make her happy, other than sitting in the chair with her, letting her pacify herself on my breast, which makes mommy a little tired and sore by the end of the day.

These usually last 2-3 days, so tomorrow she'll either be a reformed insomniac for another 6 weeks or so (at least that's what the books say) or we'll have another fun filled day of drain mom least my mom will be here to try to pacify her in other ways, I swear grandma's are the best and Riley loves hers....

Today my dad and my stepmom (Nanny to Riley) came over just as I was about to start crying...I had a pumped bottle and let Nanny give it to her and Riley teased her with dozing. Bonnie went to put her down, the eyes flew open, and repeat. The poor tired little thing FINALLY gave in around 6:30 and is still asleep as of 11:40. In her cib no less.

You might ask why am I still awake? Because I keep thinking she is going to wake up any moment. I have no desire to lay down and immediately have to wake up...that's just cruel. So I'll just wait for her, a little longer as this is the longest she has ever slept in her almost 40 days of life.

Anyway, here are some more Riley pics:

She finally decided the pink Boppy vibrating bouncy chair is not 100% evil as of 8/7/08:

Riley was lucky enough to have two very talented ladies make these beautiful baby blankets for her...they are both just beautiful...the second one also has a hat, I need to post one of those pictures, because she is already just such a ham for the do they know so early?

This one was taken 8/3/08, she had a rare night where she didn't sleep so great, so I dressed her in a super comfy this picture of her....
And here is the hat picture that goes with the one above...she just grins all the time, but she will not keep those hands down! Apparently that habit goes way back to when she was just a wee 1" baby in my 10 week sonogram picture, because she sure does have her hands (stumps?) in front of her face there, and at the 24 week 3d we's a tradition that has kept me from getting her big ol' grin on film. You can tell here how big she is smiling, almost laughing....

Well, I guess I'm going to give in a go to will be like in a restuarant, if you haven't gotten your food, it can almost be assured the minute you go to the restroom, it will I'll lay down, barely doze off and my little alarm clock will let me know it's time to get up.

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