Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time Is Flying By....

I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post...and there I was thinking I was doing better!

Things have been good. Baby girl is doing great, her movements are getting a little more weird/uncomfortable feeling. Kind of like I need to get out of her way, but there's not really any place for me to go! I've had two more kidney stone episodes, for a total of three since I got home from the hospital. The first two after the hospital stay were easily managed...the third, I happened to be in Fredericksburg for Sara's bachelorette party...I had a great time Friday night and Saturday until about 3 pm when I felt that nasty ache in my back....

Ash and I went back to the house and I took two of my remaining eight pain pills (!)...I fully expected to sleep for four hours and wake up feeling better. It didn't happen. With my limited pills, I chose to not take more until I went to bed around 11 that night...I was up a bunch that night, good thing the house was set up perfectly for our situation. Ash and I got up early Sunday and came home...I'm having a renal sonogram in the morning, so no food or drink after midnight tonight...isn't that one of the Gremlin rules?

I suppose if the kidney stones are the worst of it, I'll be ok, b/c the baby is doing great...they don't bother her a bit...but I do know if the pain gets out of hand, it can trigger preterm labor, so there's some incentive to take my pain meds, even though I hate to!

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