Monday, February 19, 2007

Official Day #1....

SO today is the official day #1 of the new working out/eating better plan. So far, it's not been alot of fun...I had to weigh, measure, and take pictures. All I can say is Thank God for self timers on digital cameras.
Oh, and then there was that working out thing...I started Slim in 6 Start It Up today. I am not in good shape and that point was driven home by the 25 minutes of hell I had to'll get better. It was actually kind of motivating in the sense that I don't like being so pathetic!!

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courtney said...

Good luck, Marilyn!! I don't like being pathetic, either. Every time I work out and feel sluggish (usually after about 3 minutes!) I always remember and can't believe how much I used to do in high school; tennis, running, lifting weights, etc. I realize (sadly) that that was 15 YEARS ago (also sad), but still, how did I get SO sluggish in a few short years???


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