Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Cozumel Diaries - Day #2 - Sunday

So if you’re just tuning into my blog, scroll down for the first three days of my vacation (2 in Fort Worth and Day #1 in Cozumel….


We left off with me and Sunshine enjoying the fact that we were in Coz, I had my fly zipped, and that we were having great food at Casa Denis….

Sunday morning we got up bright and early, had a quick breakfast, and headed into town for our refresher course with Luis.  We arrive bright and early at the dive shop and Luis asks us to come into the equipment room.  I have to pee so bad I can’t wait any longer and ask to use their restroom.  Next time, I think I’d rather piss myself.  It was that bad.  I was mortified and shocked.  The shop is really, really nice otherwise.  Just don’t ask to use their facilities.  Ew.  Sunshine says she has to go and I’m trying to send her sign language for “don’t do it” but our ESP hadn’t kicked in at that point.  She was less than impressed as well.  Luis gets our equipment picked out for us and loads it in the truck and says he is driving us to Villablanca reef.  Needless to say, I’m short, so I get to sit bitch between my instructor and Sunshine.  It was great.  Luis was very interesting to talk to and has been on the island for a long time.  He’s definitely a good instructor.  Even though the dive masters and boat captains set up your gear for you, part of the refreshed was setting up your own gear, which we did.  I put my regulator on bassakwards to begin with and Sunshine lost the ability to tell her right hand from her left when it came to the weightbelts.  Before putting on our Personal Solar Ovens (aka wetsuits), Luis gives us our dive profile…giant stride entry (Sunshine’s eyes get big), followed by a short swim to a sandy bottom where the three of us will descend to approximately 22 feet, then clearing the regulator, retrieving the regulator, and mask clearing skills assessments.  At this point, Luis gives us an example of how to do each skill as there are two variations for each…I really feel for Luis on this one…Sunshine was looking a bit um, anxious.  She really doesn’t like giant stride entries or mask clearing.   At all.  Luis starts on the regulator clearing skills (sidebar: Diving 101 – You take the regulator (what you’re breathing from) out of your mouth, it gets water in it.  How do you clear the water? 1) Put the reg in your mouth and use some of your air left in your lungs to “pop” the water out…or 2) return the regulator to your mouth and tap the purge button on the reg.  When you do this, you use your tongue to deflect the air and water to some extent.)  Luis tries to make a joke at this point about French kissing the regulator.  Sunshine is less than amused.  I think Luis was catching on and continued with his joke that if she closed her eyes when used the purge button, then he knew what she was thinking about…Sunshine DID NOT find this amusing whatsoever.  I did though.  The rest of the course went well and Luis said we did GREAT.  Tried to talk us into the afternoon dives, but we already had other things in mind for the afternoon. 

Sundays in Coz are a bit different than other days.  There are rarely any cruise ships in and many of the islanders have the day off.  After class, Sunshine and I head to Chankanab Parque.  This is a great spot to hang out.  The snorkeling is good, the food is good, and Sundays are the best day to go as there are no cruise ship passengers bombarding the place.  We’re both starving (diving is hard work!) by time we get there so we head to the giant palapa where the restaurant is located.  We start out with a beer each and a order of nachos.  The nachos and beer were so good, we had to have a repeat.  Yes, folks, we ate to plates of nachos and they were good.  The beer made me sleepy, so we head out to the beach and claim a palapa.  I crashed for about an hour.  When I woke up, I really, really had to pee.  And this is going to sound horrible, the banos are a long long ways from where we were and diving gives you a whole new perspective on peeing in the ocean.  Believe me, if you can pee in a wetsuit, you can pee when you’re not wearing it.

Our first dive teacher (in 2004) told us there are two types of divers: those who admit they pee in their wetsuits and those who lie about it.  When he first told me and Sunshine that I think we both had about the same reaction: “Uhuh, I’m not ever peeing in my wetsuit.”  You would be surprised.  A month later, I christened my wetsuit on a surface interval with about 10 people watching.  It’s pretty obvious when you wander into some stirred up water about waist deep.  Of course, Sunshine and I did it together, because you know, sharing embarrassment makes it easier.  And of course some smart ass on the pier starts in with “we know what you’re doing.”  FU, buddy, FU....

So back to this year’s trip, like I said, I had to GO and I was hot, so I wandered down to the steps and into the water.   The thing is I have a really shy bladder and this little lifeguard guy comes over and starts chatting with me.  I just wanted him to go away.  Immediately if not sooner.  As I pointed out in my original blog, Mexican men are very very friendly and not afraid to let you know if they find you attractive.  They all want to be your Mexican boyfriend for the night and they tell you straight up.  Anyway, I finally get him to go away by telling him he can indeed show me the giant barracuda.  But other people swim up about that time and I’m still miserable.  I give up, go get my snorkel gear and wake Sunshine up.

Me: This guy wants to show us a giant barracuda.

Sunshine: What?

Me: This guys wants to show us a gian---

Sunshine: I bet…(rolling over and closing her eyes)…What a perv….

Me: No really, there’s a giant barracuda and…

Sunshine: You’re really not kidding and there really is an actual fish to look at?

Me: Seriously. Ok, who’s the perv now?

Unfortunately, we never saw the giant barracuda.  We did get a personal tour of the marine park and saw some pretty cool things.  And I finally got to go, it just took me a while, with the shy bladder thing in all.  Then we slept on the beach some more. 

Around 5:30, we head back to the resort, clean up and go for dinner.  There’s nothing I like on the buffet.  Sunshine gets something that still has eyes.  Ew.  She also point out there are some taquitos being put out.  I perk up.  Taquitos, did you say?  I like taquitos.  I eat a salad consisting of lettuce and three taquitos for dinner.  As we’re walking back to the room, my stomach kind of flipflops.  I walk faster.  I’m now almost running.  Let’s just say I had some serious gastrointestinal issues that night.  It was great, let me tell you.  We had planned to go down to the pool bar that night and play some yatzee, but I ended up getting in bed and reading.  I wasn’t too sure I wanted to be too far away from a potty.  Sunshine advised me to not take anything like Immodium as any bugs in there (that’s a great thought in itself) need to be flushed out.  By the way, I’m pretty sure I won’t have another taquito again.  EVER.         






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