Thursday, April 28, 2005


What the hell is going with American Idol voters booting the beautiful Constantine. Mr. Smoldering Eyes, Lips (you name the body part, I guarantee you it smolders) was somehow on the receiving end of a royal screwing. He is drop dead sexy. I understand that he might not be your exact type, but who the hell votes for the little asexual blonde guy? I would love to know what/who makes up his fan base. You cannot tell me that Mr. Celine Dion (I'm sorry but no man admits to even liking Celine Dion, muchless singing one of her songs on national fucking television!!!!!!!!!) deserved to stay on longer than Constantine. And what about Scott? Nice voice, but zero charisma. Zero enthusiasm. Not a whole lot to like about that young man. Again, who's out there voting for him? I can't imagine that it's the teen girl population. The only person I know who is a big fan is my husband's father-in-law who loves the "Duets" soundtrack (Gwyneth Paltrow singing), if that speaks to his musical tastes.
But seriously, it makes me question who is really voting for these people. Obviously not the 18-35 year old female population. I know very few females in that category that would choose ThugBoy or Mr. Celine over Constantine. For example, you're in a bar and this nicely dressed, wimpy blonde guy comes over waxing poetic about Celine Dion and what a musical genious she is and how it's his life's dream to go on national television and sing her gayest song of all time. Would you go home with him? Would you even give him your phone number? I think not...Next up, a rather portly thuggish type walks up and squints at you. He's nice sounding, but well...Ew. And then the guy tall dark and handsome guy with semilonghair and a leather coat saunters over and gives you a half know the one...and says I'm in a band. You know there's got to be a tatoo or piercing hiding under those clothes somewhere...and all you can think about is where they might be and how quick can you find them...There is not a single one of you who can honestly say you would be more attracted to Mr. Celine than Constantine. If you can...then we obviously can't hang out.

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